People’s Rights

Prayas, based on its working experience of 25 years, believes that instead of providing direct services, people from the vulnerable sections of the society should be mobilised to demand from the Government what is rightfully theirs according to the constitutional rights of every Indian citizen. Prayas works to generate awareness of human rights and enable people to seek redress for violation of their rights. Within this district in eastern Rajasthan, the denial of human rights to Dalits, tribal groups and women has had measurable consequences in health and educational outcomes.

With this view, several advocacy campaigns have been initiated aiming at suitable changes in the government policies and programmes. These human right campaigns focus at ending the discrimination in society which leads to atrocities and exploitation of the deprived people, cruelties on women, segregation from land, inability to access health care, exclusion from society, and persisting low levels of education.


Main Activities in People’s Rights:

  • Programs to organize mine and agricultural labourers for their rights.
  • Combating the process of land alienation by invoking and advocating for protective legislation.
  • Campaign for Dalit and women’s rights.